In This Unsettled Hour, Is There A Joseph In The Land?

Genesis 41:38-44… “And Pharaoh said unto his servants, Can we find such a one as this is, a man in whom the Spirit of God is? And Pharaoh said unto Joseph, Forasmuch as God hath shewed thee all this, there is none so discreet and wise as thou art: Thou shalt be over my house, and according unto thy word shall all my people be ruled: only in the throne will I be greater than thou. And Pharaoh said unto Joseph, See, I have set thee over all the land of Egypt. And Pharaoh took off his ring from his hand, and put it upon Joseph’s hand, and arrayed him in vestures of fine linen, and put a gold chain about his neck; And he made him to ride in the second chariot which he had; and they cried before him, Bow the knee: and he made him ruler over all the land of Egypt. And Pharaoh said unto Joseph, I am Pharaoh, and without thee shall no man lift up his hand or foot in all the land of Egypt” (KJV).

“Can we find such a man as this, a man in whom the Spirit of God is?” I had been meditating on Joseph. I have read and heard of people talking about God raising up a Joseph generation in the last days. I heard in my spirit a voice saying, “There is no such thing as a ‘Joseph generation’ mentioned in the scriptures.”

Meditating further… There is likely no man in the church today that is the caliber of Joseph who can stand up and talk to our president and say, “Thus saith the Lord” and then advise him what the will of God is. If there was ever a moment for a man to stand up and be counted, that moment is now. Today, the supernatural power and wisdom in the church has given away to religious apathy. There are church programs aplenty, but little fear of God. Churches are growing numerically, but they are not prevailing over sin, sickness, and the devil. The church today has found itself unable to speak words of wisdom into any crisis with clarity and consistency. I am sure that there are political leaders who are seeking direction from pastors, prophets, or anointed laymen. Instead of finding answers, they see blind guides giving clouded counsel, prophetic clashes, doctrinal differences, and disunity. In this dangerous world, the church must become the nation’s best hope. It must awaken from its slumber. Our nation today needs godly Christian leaders who refuse to downplay the present crisis. Our nation needs committed prophets to speak words received from God, like Ezekiel, who prophesied, “But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet to warn the people and the sword comes and takes someone’s life, that person’s life will be taken because of their sin, but I will hold the watchman accountable for their blood” (Ezekiel 33:6, NIV). Jesus said, “Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?” (Luke 18:8, KJV). In these unsettled times the Lord’s eyes are upon His people. Will He find a people with faith whom He can trust to speak to the nation?

What kind of a man was Joseph? We know all about his dream and vision, we know about his being hidden in a pit, and we know about his being sold into slavery and lied about. We also know that he was tried until “iron” came into his soul. “Iron” speaks of strength, courage, durability, and character (Psalm 105:17-21). Let me talk briefly about Joseph’s character, then ask yourself, “Am I of the caliber of Joseph? Am I ready and able to stand before the president and say ‘Thus saith the Lord?’”

Genesis 39:7-12… Joseph was a man of integrity… He refused to have a tryst with Potiphar’s wife. He put to death the lusts of the flesh and the lust of his eyes. Today, many have sold their dignity and integrity for pleasures of sin. Shameful things are done openly on television for money. It seems that those who watch television love to see people humiliated.

Genesis 39:2-5… Joseph prospered in prosperity as well as in poverty… The Lord will try His people through blessings as well as in adversity (Psalm 105:17-22). Joseph handled both well. Paul wrote in Philippians 4:12-13, “I know both how to be abased, and I know how to abound: every where and in all things I am instructed both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need.  I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me” (KJV).

Genesis 40:7-8… Joseph had compassion and was kind… Joseph listened to the heartaches that others were going through. Paul teaches in Romans 12:10-12, “Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another. Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord; Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer” ([even to those who have wronged you], KJV).

Genesis 41:16, 45:7-9… Joseph was filled with humility… “God shall give Pharaoh an answer of peace . . . It was God who sent me before you.” He gave praise and glory and honor to God for what was accomplished in his life. He refused to hold a grudge against those who took part in the devil’s plan to crush him. “But to this man I will look, even to him that is poor and of a contrite spirit, and trembleth at my word” (Isaiah 66:2, KJV).

Genesis 41:50-52… Joseph was able to forgive and to forget… This was seen in the naming of his two sons. The naming of his two sons demonstrated his great faith in the Lord through all his afflictions and trials. Many people go to their grave holding unforgiveness in their hearts. Joseph let his past hurts be at peace.

Genesis 41:33-57… Joseph was discreet and filled with wisdom… Joseph’s gifting was from the Lord. God had singled him out for greatness. Many today never seek wisdom, yet Paul told the Ephesian church that he prayed that they would be filled with the spirit of wisdom and understanding in the knowledge of God (Ephesians 1:17-18). Job 32:8 reads, “But there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding” (KJV).

Genesis 45:5-8… Joseph saw God’s hand upon his life… “God sent me beforehand. God had a purpose for my life–God sent me to preserve life. God made me an advisor to Pharaoh. I reached success because of God.” Many today think that they did it all. Get rid of pride and arrogance.

Genesis 41:38-39… Joseph was prophetic in spirit from the beginning… In Genesis 37:5-11, Joseph dreamed a dream. The prophetic mantle came early in life. The Lord said in Numbers 12:6, “And he said, Hear now my words: If there be a prophet among you, I the LORD will make myself known unto him in a vision, and will speak unto him in a dream” (KJV). Joseph saw Israel’s future and prophesied (Genesis 50:24-26).

Can we find such a man as this, a man in whom the Spirit of God is?

Our nation needs him.

Pastor George Belobaba

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