God’s Mind For Every Service

Nehemiah 11:17… And Mattaniah the son of Micha, the son of Zabdi, the son of Asaph, was the principal to begin the thanksgiving in prayer: and Bakbukiah the second among his brethren, and Abda the son of Shammua, the son Galal the son of Jeduthun” (KJV). God has a mind (His will) for every church service, and the key is in the hands of those who opens the service. That is what this verse talks about. The leader who opens the church service must have the mind of God and must be able to direct the saints towards what God wants to do in that service. It’s not enough to start singing and hoping that someone will prophecy a directive word. Nehemiah 11 is a chapter that records the names of the saints in Jerusalem. Verse 17 records three key names that give a powerful message. It speaks of the man who opens the meeting. It says how the people need to respond, and it shows how God will respond.

The first half of the verse talks about Mattaniah (“the gift of God”), who was the principal man in opening the church service. His work was to open the meeting with thanksgiving and praise. Moffatt’s translation says, “who led the praise and the prayers.” The word “principal” refers to a man who has the mind of God and puts God first. A good question would be, who opens the church service in your church? Do they have the mind of God and know the direction the Spirit is leading?

The middle of this verse gives the name of Bakbukiah (“to pour out, Yahweh’s bottle”). This name directs and exhorts the people to “be vessels poured out before God.” Pour out praise, pour out worship, and pour out prayers. Cry aloud to God. This was a directive word, a goal, a vision.

The last part of this verse gives the name Abda (service). The implication here is that if you want your desolation comforted, pour out your heart in praise, worship, and prayers. Let your spirit cry out for the living God. People come to church with desolations in their hearts, desolations such as hurts, sicknesses, and difficulties. God wants to meet those needs. Verse 17 literally reads, “A man anointed and gifted and who had the mind of the Lord for the service exhorted the people to be vessels poured out before God. If you want God to service your desolation, give God praise.” (See Ps. 69:30-33.)

“God will not endorse a program that is not His.”

Pastor George Belobaba

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