Condemnation Shuts You Down

Romans 8:1…There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit” (KJV).

The word “condemnation” basically means “an adverse sentence that works against you.” Many years ago I traced the meaning of this word to its root. By doing this I understood how condemnation shuts you down. Notice what condemnation will do.

Takes you a step down (a descent in your walk)… It’s not God’s will for you to go downhill.

Imposes a burden… You do not need any more burdens added to your walk. Condemnation adds burdens.

Defraud you of a prize… If you win, the prize is yours. But condemnation often awards to someone else your prize. Condemnation cheats you.

Laughs at you… Condemnation opens you to ridicule and to scorn, blacklists you, and cracks you apart.

Moors you like a vessel… That is, you are all tied up, mothballed like an old ship. God does not “mothball” His people.

Hunts you down… You are searched for as a criminal. Condemnation is like the sheriff that follows a criminal. You are always on the run, looking over your shoulder.

Brings you under bondage… It enslaves always. You are always sick and broken down. God sets you free; He does not make you a slave.

Oppresses you… Condemnation is dominion exercised against you. Some are oppressed by lack of money, others by sickness.

Condemnation shames you… It makes you ashamed and disgraces you.

Burns you… It consumes you. Condemnation consumes your time, your energies, and your funds.

Places you in a dungeon… It locks you up. You are behind  bars and forgotten.

Overwhelms you like a flood of waters… You are always beaten back, and troubles come one after another. God does not want you to live this way.

If you are a Christian, you have been redeemed and you are free–forever free. And besides this, the Holy Spirit guides you daily. He helps you live free of condemnation.

Pastor George Belobaba

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