The Fruit Of Ishmael, Pt. 2

(Part 2 of 2)

Adbeel… “Chastisement, corrections of God.” The truth is that flesh never seems to learn righteousness. Many Christians never see the importance of right living or of living under the rules that God lays down. Therefore, they are always under correction and under chastisement, and they very seldom listen.

Mibsam… “A spicy aroma emitted, odorous.” The truth is that flesh does not produce a good fragrance. To put it bluntly, the results of things done in the flesh stink. Ephesians 5:1-2 tells us that Jesus gave Himself as a sweet-smelling savor to God, but Jeremiah 48:11 tells us how Moab never changed his scent.

Mishma…“Hearing, obeying.” Instead of hearing and obeying the truth, flesh stretches the truth, distorts it, perverts it, lies about it, and commits iniquity. Many believers have been caught up in distorted lies and ended up doing wickedness. The Bible calls it “believing a lie” (2 Thessalonians 2:11).

Dumah… “To be dumb or silent, figurative of doom and death, without response and inability to understand.” In contrast, walking in the spirit produces life. It has a voice, it has a response, and it has illumination and understanding. Flesh has no voice. It is dead and doomed.

Massa… “To be burdened as an ox with a load on one’s back.” Flesh puts a weight on you. Your problems weigh you down (Romans 7:24). Flesh gives you something heavy to carry, something that only Christ can lift off of you.

Hadar… “Glory, splendor.” Flesh cheats you and tries to achieve glory by crooked means. It is prideful. It seeks position and honor at any cost, even of righteousness and holiness. Flesh avoids the honor that comes through humility and submission.

Tema… “Desert, dry.” Flesh produces dryness, unfulfilled desires, loss of direction, withering, and no spiritual growth.

Jetur… “An enclosed wall.” Flesh walls you in, keeps you in confinement, and keeps you from enlargement.

Naphish… “To breathe upon, a current of air that refreshes.” Flesh is always looking for something new, a fad or fantasy, that will relieve boredom. Flesh is never satisfied.

Kedemah… “To precede, to project, to run before, to hasten.” Flesh is always in a hurry. It runs ahead of God and bypasses the rules that are established. Flesh does not wait for the right timing. Flesh says, “God is too slow” and “I want it now.”

Ishmael had twelve sons. Twelve is the number of government and is a number that has to do with rule. The twelve sons of Ishmael are foundations of all flesh works. It all started with the improper conception by Abraham. Ishmael was never God’s will for Abraham. Anything that is not God’s will will give birth to something that becomes a burden and not a blessing. The works of the flesh described in Galatians 5:19-21 are what overflows from Ishmael.

Christian, you have been born again to walk in the Spirit and in freedom. Do so.

Pastor George Belobaba

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