We Have Come To The Crossroads, Pt. 2

(Part 2 of 2)

Sarah… Genesis 11:30, 15:2-6, and 18:1-15… God said, “I will do it,” but Sarah persuaded Abraham to go in to Hagar. Revival does not come by trying fleshly ways or alternate ways that God did not plan. God gave the promise, and Abraham’s and Sarah’s part was to accept what God had said and to stand in His Word. The timing was in God’s hands, Abraham and Sarah did their own timing and brought forth an Ishmael (trouble). Many churches in the land have an idea that they can plan to have a revival by setting a week of special meetings. Attempting revival through man’s plans will not work. It only births trouble. Romans 4:17-25 teaches that Abraham grew strong and was empowered by faith as he gave praise and glory to God. Revival is God saying, “I will do it.”

Rebekah… Genesis 25:21… Rebekah was released to bear children through prayer as Isaac prayed and entreated the Lord. The word “entreat” means “to burn incense in worship with intercession and listening as prayer is made; an abundance of prayer, a prayer for multiplication, or specific requests.” The barren church will bring forth when there is earnest prayer. Rebekah gave birth to twins, Esau and Jacob, who struggled in the womb. Revival will bring struggles because it exposes flesh versus Spirit.

Rachel… Genesis 29:31, 30:1 and 30:22-24… Rachel was barren, and she envied Leah. Rachel was jealous of Leah. Revival can tarry because churches are envious of another’s success. Do you want revival? Set aside your jealousies and competitive attitudes.

Samson’s mother… Judges 13:2-25… An angel visited this woman and gave her the prophecy, “Thou shalt conceive and bear a son.” This mother-to-be spoke the truth (the word the angel gave her) in love to her husband (Manoah). She did not usurp authority and act on her own. The angel gave words of instruction on raising their son. Manoah went to pray and the word was confirmed. Revival came when the prophetic word was confirmed and when wisdom was asked for and obeyed. This woman received prenatal care instructions by the word of the angel, which tells us that revival needs care and nourishment. Churches pray for revival but are full of unbelief when it comes to preparation. They want God to revive but they never seek for wisdom on the “care” that revival needs. Often someone receives a word about revival and they never share it with the leadership, so they go off on their own without a word of confirmation. In true revival, the church works together in love and harmony.

Hannah… 1 Samuel 1:1-2:1-11… New life comes in God’s timing when it is dedicated and given to God and His glory. Revival tarries because many want revival for their own glory or their own prestige. Many churches never give to God the fruits of revival. Jeremiah 22:1-17 tells how some wanted greatness because it was for their own covetousness. Hannah was barren for many years, but she remained faithful to the house of the Lord. She fasted and prayed, “Lord, remember me” (1 Samuel 1:11).

The great woman of Shunem… 2 Kings 4:8-17… She demonstrated a godly life as she served with great contentment and faith. When she saw a man of God (Elisha) walking by their home, she asked her husband if it was okay to invite him in and to provide a room for him, and he had no objection. Faithfulness, contentment, and hospitality are also keys to revival. The church should always be a place of rest, of light, and of nourishment. Many churches never experience revival because they don’t invite anointed men to minister.

Elizabeth… Luke 1:7… The Lord kept her barren until the appointed time had come. Out of her came a prophetic voice (John the Baptist, the forerunner of Christ). John the Baptist spoke of Jesus and of the greater move of God to come. The local church must speak of Jesus; the prophetic voice must lift up Jesus. John the Baptist was a prophet to the Jerusalem Israelites. He told of what Christ would do, even if he himself was imprisoned and never saw the works of revival under the ministry of Jesus. If you “spark” others, revival will come. Often a local church never produces new life because they are not lifting up Jesus. When God sees obedience, the anointing comes.

Revival has an appointed time. Consider the book of Habakkuk. It starts out with a burden for revival, but the prophet stood back to hear what God was saying, and he heard both blessings and judgment. When revival came, judgment came upon the enemy, but also upon the wrongdoings of the people of God. These seven women give us concepts for revival, and we need to study them. The Lord makes you alive.

Pastor George Belobaba

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