Believers Who Do Nothing, Pt. 3

(Part 3 of 3)

Many Christians who are sitting and waiting for revival are afraid of people in need. “Do-nothing” Christians are unproductive because they have no compassion or mercy when it comes to delivering those who are helpless. Jesus condemned many believers because of what they did not do. Note Matthew 25:31-46; many were sent into everlasting fire for doing nothing. Matthew 25:14-30 tells of a man who hid his talent; he was sent to outer darkness for what he did not do. I am sure that these people were successful people in the society in which they lived, but they did wrong things. They had success in the things that God did not tell them to do. Listen saints, on Judgment Day, you will be judged not on what you accomplished in life but on what God told you to do and whether or not you did it. Please don’t say, “but things are different now” or “God is love, you know.” Yes, He is, but read Psalm 101:4 and Psalm 7:11. Jesus hates unproductiveness. I cannot change God’s mind and I will not explain it away. We were saved to be doers.

Luke 10:30-37… Here we see the uselessness of being in the ministry and passing by the other side when someone was hurt. The thieves who robbed this man were hard and cruel. However, the priest and the Levite were hard and cruel too. They did nothing to help this man, refused to get involved, and missed the opportunity to be productive. It was the Samaritan, an unbeliever in Jesus who came and ministered to this injured man. Many preachers today are “do-nothing” preachers. It seems the very preachers whom people respect are the very ones God rejects, and the very ones that people reject are the ones God respects and accepts.

Matthew 12:43-45… Here we see the uselessness of leaving your heart empty after a great deliverance. In this case, a demon was cast out; Jesus changed a man’s life and cleansed him from sin and bad habits. The man rejoiced greatly when the demons left his life. Jesus did not condemn the man for rejoicing; Jesus condemned him for staying empty. The man did nothing to fill his life with the good things of God. The man’s life ended up worse than it was before. Many “do-nothing” believers who hunger for God and revival never spend time in prayer and Bible study. They never seem to hear the word of the Lord for themselves. Praise God for the saints who are praying and seeking God. It’s these folk who will become the leaders of revival.

Mark 2:23-28… Here Jesus rebuked the Pharisees for doing nothing on the Sabbath. The purpose of the Sabbath was for rest, but in the Old Testament, the Sabbath was to help sustain the souls of people. The Sabbath was made for man, the Bible teaches, to enrich souls and to heal bodies. It was to be a blessing and not a burden. Many today are making the Sabbath a burden and not a blessing. It is not God’s will for someone to come to church on Sunday and leave for home more tired and burdened than when they came in. The Pharisee-type ministries had no fresh word for the people. The meeting was a “do-nothing” meeting, a “nothing happened” meeting. The Pharisee is quick to cry “heresy” at statements like this. Jesus, however, was a “doer” on the Sabbath.

This is a year for doing. I sense deeply that God will awaken many to arise and be “about [the] Father’s business” (Luke 2:49, KJV). There is danger in doing nothing. Ephesians 5:16 reads, “Redeeming the time, because the days are evil” or “Making the very most of the time [buying up each opportunity], because the days are evil” (Amplified Bible). The Jerusalem Bible reads, “This may be a wicked age, but your lives should redeem it.”

Pastor George Belobaba

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