In Christ Was Life

John 1:4 reads, “In him was life; and the life was the light of men” (KJV). In Christ was life; outside of Him was death and decay. Someone has said, “to live in Christ is just plain sense, to live some other way is just plain nonsense.” In and out of Christ represent two separate worlds: the world of heaven and the world of hell, the world of life and the world of death. When people reject and run away from Christ, they reject and run away from everything that is in Christ. And with that running away, they are left with all that is within themselves–emptiness. Everything of God has life in it, eternal life. God’s kind of life is security. Many people have stepped out of God’s kind of life; now they walk a “death walk.” Many are losing God in religious surroundings; they are seeking their own pleasures. Proverbs 13:15 says, “The way of transgressors is hard.” It’s hard on you and on others. If the center of your life is God, there will be order. If the center of your life is self, there is disorder. Are you out of sorts with God? You can change. Put your life in God’s hands. Live for Christ and your life will hold together in these trying times.


A List To Live By:

The most destructive habit that people have is worry.
The greatest joy is giving.
The greatest loss that a person can have is the loss of self-respect.
Your most satisfying work is the work of helping others.
The ugliest personality trait is having a spirit of selfishness.
The most endangered species in the land is not some bird or animal; it is dedicated leaders.
The church’s greatest resource is its youth.
Your greatest shot in the arm is not some drug; it is encouragement.
The greatest problem in most people is fear.
The best sleeping pill ever made is peace of mind.
The most crippling disease that leads to failure is making excuses.
The most powerful force in your life is love.
The most dangerous weapon is the tongue with gossip.
Every person has a built-in computer; it’s called your brain.
Your greatest asset is faith, the “I can” spirit.
The worst emotion that you can have is self-pity.
The most beautiful clothing that you have is a smile.
Your most prized possession is your integrity.
The most powerful means of communication is your prayer life, and finally…
The most contagious spirit is enthusiasm.

-Author Unknown

Pastor George Belobaba

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