Facing Life’s Challenges

Life’s challenges: you will have them. When you come up against a problem, it will demand a decision. When faced with decisions, there are four ways to deal with them.

The first way is to run back to the past and live there… Many things in the past were good things and good ways, but they are outmoded for today. Old-fashioned is another way of putting it. When people run back to the past, they refuse to handle the present.

The second way to handle a challenge is to escape into the future… Escaping into the future causes many to become dreamers. They live in presumption; they can’t seem to grow roots in the present. The result is that they cannot bear any fruit in the present. Sometimes people get so caught up in the future that they forget to take pleasure in what they have now.

The third way to handle challenges is to detach yourself from the challenge… In this detached state, people live in the present, but they are detached, disillusioned, and refuse to commit to the activities of life. They grumble and complain. They can’t handle the change so they escape from the world.

The fourth way is to take your present and transform it… This is the best way to deal with your challenges. You face life every day and you transform it into something else. Everyday challenges come to us both as justice and injustice, pleasure and pain, and compliment and criticism. We have to hold on to one and let the other go. There is no dodging, no escaping. Look at Jesus. He marched straight into life and transformed it. He faced temptation in the wilderness and the temptation strengthened Him. He took twelve ordinary men and made them apostles with anointing power. He sat by a well when a woman came by to draw water; Jesus led her into a new life and a whole village was changed. Listen, Christian, you don’t have to run from anything. Jesus wants to lead you out of your morass, those things that swamp and sink you, and situations that confuses you and swallow you up. Are you facing the worst? Then take your challenge and turn it into the best. Sin put Jesus on the cross; He used that cross to save your soul. Jesus being put on the cross was man at his worst; Jesus through the cross showed God at His redemptive best. He made everything live. That’s what you should be doing, speaking life and not death.

Pastor George Belobaba

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