Christians Need “Cheering Up,” Pt. 3

Goliath’s son, Saph… 2 Samuel 21:18… In Hebrew, this word refers to a basin for holding blood from sacrifices, so it means “one who waits at the threshold to terminate your life and then uses a basin to catch your blood.” This giant was a hitman. A hitman designs a plot to terminate your life. A lot of you have been hit with cancer, a car accident, a job loss, drugs and alcohol, or other things that bring you to a place where you need cheering up or you will succumb to caving in your spirit. This giant was killed by Sibbecai, which can mean “God intervenes.” Psalm 91 speaks about being under the shadow (protection) of the Almighty. Ezekiel 28:13 speaks of the precious stones of covering. Each of these stones symbolizes various coverings that protect you. For example, hearing is a covering, and knowledge and wisdom are coverings. In Genesis 4:7, the Lord told Cain that sin was at the door waiting to enter into his life if he didn’t do right. Saph is a giant that is alive and well in society. It’s time to say to this giant, “I’m tired of being hit by you; be gone in the name of the Lord.” The word of cheer is simply this… stay within God’s covering and you cannot be hit.

Goliath’s son, Lahmi… 1 Chronicles 20:5 and 2 Samuel 21:19… This giant’s name means “my bread.” In other words, “the righteous are my food.” He lives by devouring the righteous. 1 Peter 5:8 speaks about the devil seeking people for the purpose of devouring them, and Malachi 3:11 about the Lord rebuking the devourer. The devil watched the choices Job made in Job 1 so that he could devour Job. The devil watches the choices that you make also. Many will make choices to yield to temptation when they come, and so open themselves to be devoured. Satan feeds on your wrong choices. You become his bread. Isaiah 35:9 tells us that if we walk on the path of holiness, the devil cannot walk there, nor can any ravenous beast. Walk in holiness and be safe. If you choose to step off the way of holiness, you are easy prey for the devil. Elhanan killed this giant. His name means “God is a gracious giver of grace and mercy.” The grace of God and the mercy that accompanies it will surely cheer you up.

Goliath’s son… 2 Samuel 21:19… From the land of Gob, “locust, a pit.” This giant had six toes and six fingers. He was a curiosity. The devil can kill you by placing a “curiosity” spirit on you. “Curiosity kills the cat,” people say. Let me tell you, it kills a lot of saints too. The devil gets people to see what false religions can offer them. He gets people to try drugs, tobacco, liquor, immoral sex, and dangerous lifestyles. Curiosity can kill you. Elhanan killed this giant. God satisfies; there is no need to go looking for other things to satisfy you. The nature of the locust is to eat away at the good things in your life. The locust robs you of your living, of your peace and joy. God can satisfy your life. No one can cheer you up like the presence of God.

Is there such a thing as Christians cheering each other up? Yes, there is. Some of you are warring with things that have shocked you, some of you are filled with emptiness, some of you have been hit with things that have hurt you, some of you are tired of losing things that you have worked so hard for, and some of you got stung because your curiosity made you bite at a wrong deal. God is greater than all the giants that attack you. The Bible says in Psalm 34:19, “Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the LORD delivereth him out of them all” (KJV).

Pastor George Belobaba

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