Seven Positives For Nations

Someone has said that in order to bring down a nation, you have to corrupt the children. In Deuteronomy 6:1-25, the Lord speaks through Moses and gives some great advice on how to preserve godly influence in a nation. Moses starts off with…

Verses 2-3… Fear God… A fear of God is healthy. Our society has lost the fear of God. Obeying God is good for our health, so “that thy days may be prolonged” (v. 2, KJV).

Verse 4… Learn God… Every life must have a foundation. The foundation begins with a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Instill this truth in your children.

Verses 5-6… Teach the love of God… Love God with your total being. Don’t give God a backseat in your life.

Verses 7-9… Teach about God… Teach His ways; teach his works. Teach by experience and example.

Verses 10-15… Guard yourself… Guard against idolatry. Don’t let anything push God out of your life. Never lose your appetite for God (see Deuteronomy 8).

Verses 16-19… Do not compromise… Yielding to temptation will damage you. Stay with what God says, and do what is good and right.

Verses 20-25… Share your testimony… Every life has a personal story. Tell how you came to know Christ and what He has done for you. Our walk with God is personal, but it should not be private. Let people see a life that is led and sustained in righteousness.

Verse 25 tells us… that living by these seven principles will preserve the life of the nation.


Peter writes, “If anyone speaks, they should do it as one who speaks the very words of God” (1 Peter 4:11, NIV). I was thinking of the importance of visiting ministries. Years ago, after pastoring for over thirty-one years, I went on the road. I expressed my feelings to the Lord, saying, “Lord, I’m a bit fearful about going on the road and preaching in other churches.” The Lord answered, saying, “Visiting ministries are often the visitations of God to a local assembly.” The Lord then told of how Peter was a visiting ministry when he came to the household of Cornelius in Acts 10. During this visit, the Holy Spirit fell upon the Gentiles. Paul visited Lystra in Acts 14:9 and preached, and a crippled man was healed. Later, Paul visited Philippi in Acts 16:14. There was a lady there on a business trip who was a seller of linen. She heard Paul speak, and the Lord opened her heart. She was saved and baptized. In Romans 10:14-17, Paul writes about visiting preachers who have a message from the Lord. The message was good tidings. Faith came to the hearers and many believed.

I learned my lesson, and my fears went away.

Pastor George Belobaba

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