Stand Still And See The Salvation Of God, Pt. 1

Exodus 14:13… “Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD, which he will shew you today” (KJV). This verse is often used for encourage­ment when someone is going through a heavy trial. But very often nothing comes of it–ouch. The purpose of this lesson is to shed some light on this verse so that we may gain a little insight on “standing still and seeing the salvation of the Lord.”

Exodus 14:1-31 tells of this interesting event. This chapter tells of one of the greatest miracles in history. It’s the miracle of the opening of the Red Sea so that a nation could cross over safely and then continue on to the Promised Land. Paul teaches that the things that happened to the nation of Israel in the Old Testament were written for our admonition because the ends of the world are upon us (1 Corinthians 10:11). The word “ends” refers to an end of a prophetic purpose. The word “world” refers to an age. We are living at the end of one of God’s prophetic purposes, and, with the coming of Christ, a new and fresh prophetic purpose begins.

Verses 2-3… The Lord instructed Moses to encamp the nation before the Red Sea. There were mountains on each side and a hostile army behind them. God had so placed them where there was no way of escape in the natural. Many modern-day saints would say, “It’s of the devil.” But, it was God who put them in this situation and not the devil. Have you ever felt trapped and in need of a miracle? Pharaoh reasoned, “They are entangled in the land and the wilderness has shut them up.” The word “entangled” means “perplexed,” and the words “shut up” refer to being blocked and ready to give up. Many people find themselves entangled in the land and the way out blocked. The future looks grim. Many are entangled in financial difficulties, others in marital upsets, some in immoral practices, and others in Bible study disputes, only to find themselves entangled in doctrinal issues that stops the flow of the Spirit of God. Israel had known the power of God, but memories are short when a fresh crisis comes. Previous deliverances are forgotten. Jesus never said that the path of faith was going to be easy. Our faith is going to be tested over and over. We seem to struggle when it comes to learning that God has ability to meet every fresh trial. At the Red Sea it appeared that God had deserted them. Appearances are often deceptive. What looks like death to us looks like victory to God.

Verses 13-14… The Lord through Moses gives a fifty-word prophecy. Fifty is the number of Pentecost.

The first word was, “Fear not.” Faith cannot rise in a raging heart or in a worried heart. The nation was in deep fear of either the unknown or of the pursuing armies. The Lord can do great miracles when the heart is quiet. Abraham needed God’s “fear not” (Genesis 15:1), Joshua needed God’s “fear not” (Joshua 8:1), Gideon needed God’s “fear not” (Judges 6:23), Daniel needed God’s “fear not” (Daniel 10:12), the apostles needed Jesus’ “fear not” (Luke 12:32), and we need His “fear not” as well.

The second word was, “Stand still.” The Lord was now dealing with a restless spirit in the Israelites. Restlessness leads to recklessness, to trouble. We do things on our own when we get restless. Faith must learn to be patient. When our future is at stake we often get in a hurry. Stand still. Avoid doing foolish things. Let God work out your future. The words “stand still” mean “to position yourself, to place yourself, and be ready to move forward.” The idea is, get ready to pull up the tent pegs and be ready to move. A lot of times God wants to move us forward but we don’t want to move. Churches often want to move in God and they want the moving of the Holy Spirit, but they never position themselves to move. Pulling up the tent pegs requires faith and action.

(To be continued…)

Pastor George Belobaba

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