Developing Sensitivity

Psalm 37:30-31… “The mouth of the righteous speaks wisdom, And his tongue talks of justice. The law of his God is in his heart; None of his steps shall slide” (NKJV).

God is developing our sensitivity towards Him. God wants us to be more than just a witness, more than just a user of gifts, and more than just knowledgeable of the Bible. He wants us to be sensitive to His guidance.

God wants to develop sensitivity towards His “eye guidance” (Psalm 32:8-9). Too many of us are guided by “bit and bridle.” This is rough on us, but “eye guidance” is done with the flick of an eye. To be guided by God’s eye means that we must have our eye trained on His to catch His slightest indication at all times.

God wants to develop in us a sensitive ear (Isaiah 50:4). An opened and cleansed ear is tuned in and guided by God’s voice. Our heart is always awake. If my heart is fixed on Him, I will hear.

God wants to develop in us a sensitive tongue, or speech (Isaiah 50:4). He wants us to have a tongue that will speak His thoughts and His ideas. It should become a natural thing for us to speak God’s thoughts. Be guided by the words that He gives you.

With these three sensitivities, we will speak wisdom and justice. Why? Because His law is in our hearts. When His law rules in us, our steps will not slip.


Offenses may very well be one of the strongest weapons the devil uses against the church to divide it. According to Jesus in Luke 17:1, we cannot live in this world without experiencing offenses, but “woe” to the one who causes those offenses. Often it’s not the offense which brings our troubles, but our reaction to that offense that determines our peace. We must be careful not to react wrongly to the devil’s methods.

Pastor George Belobaba

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