Good Questions

What would happen if the Holy Spirit asked you,

Why did you do those things I never told you to do?”

“Why are you acting as if the Lord is unable to run His church?”

“How is it that the same people ask for prayer week after week for the same sickness and problem?”

James 5:13 reads, “Is any among you afflicted? let him pray” (KJV). Many believers keep repeating their problems to whoever will listen. Every believer must learn to stand up and take responsibility to win his or her own victories. What is it that is not working in the lives of many believers? Can it be that we have produced a church that is controlled and predictable and ordered by the will of man? Has intellect clouded our faith in the power of the Holy Spirit? Have believers adopted attitudes that are anti-supernatural? In the early church, the fear of God was clearly visible. God was a God of holiness. False prophets and greedy liars fell over dead (Acts 5:1-11). Do we only celebrate God’s grace and gifts? Why do we ignore His severity (Romans 11:22)?

I was meditating on these things, and during the night I had a two-fold dream. A pastor in a white suit was angry. He said, “Someone has stolen the tithe envelopes. Without them we had the worst offering ever. How will our needs be met? If anyone needs a tithe envelope raise your hand.” After the meeting in the dream ended, I saw people heading for the basement. I thought maybe there was to be a lunch down there. I went to see and many people were there clawing and tearing down the foundation. They were standing in wet mud. As they left, I saw that their cars’ license plates were from other states. These people were out to destroy what God did in the meeting. They had no idea what God’s purpose was in the church service or what God was doing and saying. In the dream, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “Why aren’t there prayer meetings to protect what the Spirit did in the meeting? Pre-service prayer asks God to move in the midst, but afterwards, because there was no prayer, the devil goes down to destroy the foundations.” With this, I woke up and pondered. We need to seek God and ask for discernment. Then we need to pray. We need to ask for forgiveness of God for trying to make things happen on our own.

Pastor George Belobaba

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