Resupplied By The Spirit

Philippians 1:19… “For I know that this shall turn to my salvation through your prayer, and the supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ” (KJV). I want to focus on the word “supply.” A story is told of a huge choral and dramatic company that planned and rehearsed a theatrical performance. After months of preparation, energy, and rehearsal, it was time for the show to go on for the public. But a problem developed; they ran out of money. They thought, “The show is over and finished.” At that moment, a man heard of their crisis and made a huge donation on their behalf. This donation supplied all their needs and more. The word “supply” in our text describes the enormous contribution the Holy Spirit makes for you. There are times that you, a hard-working Christian, get physically tired and mentally exhausted; others wonder, “How in the world does that person keep going?” Saints, it’s that inexhaustible supply of the Spirit. Have you run out of steam? You gave your best effort. This is the exact moment when Jesus and His Holy Spirit comes with the supply that recharges your life. Jesus and the Holy Spirit contribute out of their supply to meet your every need in life. Are you weak? He will get you up and going again. When your human nature is tired and exhausted, Jesus comes and reinforces you. Allow the Holy Spirit to help you today, the Holy Spirit is ready to supply, to refill your life, to re-energize you, and to get you back on your feet. There is no excuse for you to shut down for lack of supply. God has given so many of your goals and plans the power and ability to get His job done. He has promised to supply all that you need. Has God given you an assignment? He has also given the needed supplies.



Matthew 25:19… “After a long time the lord of those servants cometh, and reckoneth with them” (KJV). Our lives will change for the better when we live with the awareness that one day we will stand before God. No one likes to think about judgment, but there is a day in our future when we will stand before God and there we will have to give an account (note also 2 Corinthians 5:9-10). The judgment seat of Christ is rarely taught today, but that does not mean that God has withdrawn the day of judgment. There will be no fast-talking that day. Every lie and excuse will flee when you stand in God’s presence. The word “reckon” in our text means “to compare accounts” or “to look at the record,” like an accountant who is putting together a profit and loss statement. On that day the Lord may ask you if you did what He asked you to do. Revelation 20:12 tells us that there are “books” that will be opened. This judgment will not be in regard to our salvation, rather it will be on the assignments God gave you to do. Life is very serious. You will be giving an account on how you used the gifts and talents that He gave you. Starting today, put your whole heart into doing what God gave you to do. Think about it. Are you worried about it? Have you peace? Are you obedient to pursue God’s plan for your life?

Pastor George Belobaba

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