One World Order

It’s closer than you think… Evil men have always wanted to rule the world. Since Genesis 11, no nation has ever achieved global rule. Powerful conspirators do exist. They want to control the work force, finance, education, energy, religion, military, and more. Big money moguls are manipulating the world populace. Foreign nations are buying up U.S. corporations and governmental assets. One world government is on the horizon. Truth is fast disappearing; lies abound. A one world order is not some futuristic fairy tale. It has been a long time in the making and it has strong occult foundations.

At the tower of Babel (Genesis 11), the peoples of the world spoke one language and they lived in one area of the world rather than spreading out to fill and subdue the earth as God had commanded in Genesis 9:1. The people were filled with pride and rebelled against God under the leadership of Nimrod. He wanted global control, one system of communication. They began to build their tower as a symbol of their purpose. They had formed a one world government, one religion, and one economy. On the top of their tower were zodiac symbols, occult symbols. Satan was involved in this one world government. In anger, God moved against this human effort, and He confounded their language. Without communication, they did not and could not finish their tower. Families moved away from the other families who spoke another language (Genesis 11:7-9). The confusion of tongues (languages) was just as great a miracle as the tongues that came in Acts 2:1-4. When sinners unite against God, God divides. When believers unite together, it is Satan who divides. Since Genesis 11, there has never been global control or one world government. God’s plan is that many nations are to exist. (Note Genesis 10; seventy nations had their beginnings.)

Satan’s plan has always been rebellion and to bring all nations under one global control. And in Bible prophecy, at the time of the end of this age, God allows the devil to bring about this one world order with another Nimrod at the head, whose name is Antichrist. One of the signs of this ruler is the steady and methodical denial of Jesus Christ and His Name. Psalm 2 tells of the world’s rejection of Jesus Christ. Satan is doing this in our nation also. It has infiltrated the evangelical movement. The biggest lies the devil has used to infiltrate the evangelicals is “Christ is not the only name by which one can be saved.” Acts 4:12 reads, “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved” (KJV). This is a major sign that we are at the end of this age. Christians should not promote one world government. In our nation, there are evil men committed to establishing a new world order. Righteousness is being pulled down and abandoned. The names of God and Jesus Christ are being removed from society. People are slowly and surely being conditioned to accept a global government. Preachers are being threatened and conditioned not to preach against sin under fear of arrest. People, don’t you sense that something is wrong? The Lord strongly warns that we are to come out of the world’s system, put our emphasis on a relationship with Jesus Christ, and to serve Him.

Pastor George Belobaba

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