Three Generations Of Revival

Exodus 3:6… God told Moses, “I am the God of thy father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob” (KJV). Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob… I want to talk about revivals and how the next generation fails to keep them going. The time is ripe for a fresh anointing such as not been seen since the day of Pentecost. Today, there is a lot of frustration. Many who knew the touch of God in the past now live on the glory of the past and are dying off. Very few revivals are passed to the next generation. The “Isaacs” are content to be believers, to be part of God’s move, but are in limbo. The “Esaus” and “Jacobs” haven’t much respect for churches, God, or parents. In our text, you find three generations and their faith. Find which one you’re most like, and if you aren’t satisfied with how you’re handling things, start doing something about it.

ABRAHAM had a touch of reality. He was the man with the original vision. He knew the power of God (Genesis 12-25). God was real to Abraham. He heard God’s voice. He had visions with promises. He met the enemy and overcame them. He was visited by angels. He was able to move the hand of God regarding Sodom and Gomorrah. Genesis 24:1 says, “The LORD had blessed Abraham in all things” (KJV). Abraham had some problems too. He faced strife, trials, and difficulties with relatives. He endured ridicule. Abraham made mistakes too: passing off his wife Sarah as his sister, and the Ishmael debacle. However, Abraham knew that he was part of something big. These kinds of people never give up. These kinds of folk know they are part of God’s plans and purposes.

ISAAC… In Genesis 31:42, Jacob says, “Except the God of my father, the God of Abraham, and the fear of Isaac, had been with me, surely thou hadst sent me away now empty” (KJV). Notice, “the fear of Isaac.” Isaac had a fear of God. Isaac lived off the original vision (Abraham’s), but he had no personal vision. He lived in an “inherited” vision. He did not pay the price for it, so he kept losing ground to the enemy. He failed to hold the territory given to him. Isaac’s story is found in Genesis 25-28. Isaac was blessed because he saw the hand of God on his father Abraham. He was one step back from the reality of it. He lived on the afterglow of his father’s faith. His experiences were based on his father’s experiences. Isaac was a quiet man who meditated a lot (Genesis 24:63). He was mama’s boy (Genesis 24:67). He was also blessed of God (Genesis 25:11). Isaac was directed by God, only to be told, “[I will bless you] because that Abraham obeyed my voice, and kept my charge, my commandments, my statutes, and my laws” (Genesis 26:5). Some of you are reading this are blessed by God and prospering because of your parents’ faith. Isaac sowed and reaped a hundredfold (Genesis 26:12). The enemy envied him and chased him out time and time again (Genesis 26:14-23). When God is only your fear, the enemy will chase you out. In Genesis 26:24, God tells Isaac, “I am with thee, and will bless thee, and multiply thy seed for my servant Abraham’s sake.” It was not “I will bless you for your sake.” It wasn’t until Genesis 26:26-29, when Isaac confronted the enemy, that he overcame his fear. Isaac lived in the territory Abraham gained, but he never advanced the territory. This happens in revivals. Churches grow because of revivals, but the next generation so far has not advanced those revivals. Why? Because they couldn’t grasp the vision. The enemy later feared Isaac and said, “You are now the blessed of God.” 

Genesis 27 reveals that Isaac and Rebekah played favorites with their children. Manipulation began over the birthright and inheritance. If God is not real to you, He will not be real to your children. If you are a Christian only because your parents were, you shouldn’t rest until God becomes real to you. This is not the hour to rely on someone else’s faith.

JACOB… Genesis 28-49… This tells the story of the third generation. Jacob wanted the vision of Abraham, the original vision. In Jacob and Esau, we see the modern-day youth rebellion. Holiness has moved out. The “Jacobs” are not wild; they are in church, but not on fire. The “Esaus” are wild. Sin and corruption have moved in. The Jacob generation is reaping the results of Isaac’s fear. Isaac and Rebekah were at odds over Jacob and Esau. The mother wanted a spiritual upbringing; the father wanted venison, the relaxation of discipline. Jacob is said to have been a wheeler-dealer, a supplanter. Jacob ran because he created frustrating situations where he had to run. Genesis 28:4 (KJV) tells us that Isaac prayed for Jacob, “Give [him] the blessing of Abraham” (not the blessings of Isaac). Before the night was over, Jacob had touched God. In Genesis 32, we have the story of the midnight wrestling match. Jacob came out a new man, with a new name, Israel, which can mean “may God reign.” Jacob got the birthright through his mom’s trickery, but he got God’s blessing and presence by prayer and determination.

We are living in an Esau-Jacob generation. You hold the key. Do you want your own touch from God? Then waste no time, get ahold of God now, and be a God-ruled man or woman in your generation. Be one that hears God’s voice. Pray, “Lord, give me the blessings of Abraham,” and “Lord, revive me again.”

Pastor George Belobaba

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