We Are Children Of The Kingdom

Matthew 13:36-42…Then Jesus sent the multitude away, and went into the house: and his disciples came unto him, saying, Declare unto us the parable of the tares of the field. He answered and said unto them, He that soweth the good seed is the Son of man; The field is the world; the good seed are the children of the kingdom; but the tares are the children of the wicked one; The enemy that sowed them is the devil; the harvest is the end of the world; and the reapers are the angels. As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire; so shall it be in the end of this world. The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity; And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth” (KJV).

Jesus said we are children of the kingdom of God. As soon as the word of the kingdom is planted in the heart, forces of the devil will want to snatch it away. The wicked will do anything to bring a child of the kingdom to defeat. Job 16:9 reads, “He teareth me in his wrath, who hateth me: he gnasheth upon me with his teeth; mine enemy sharpeneth his eyes upon me” (KJV). Children of the kingdom will be bombarded with false doctrine, persecution, cults, false leaders, false prophesies, and more. The world is not a friendly place. Jesus said in John 15:18-19“If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you. If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you” (KJV). In these last days, the devil will try with all his power to deceive the children of the kingdom, just as he deceives the world. Revelation 12:9… “And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world.” The children of the kingdom can overcome the devil. “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death” (v. 11). Before Jesus started His ministry, He had a serious encounter with the devil. Jesus showed the devil the power of the rhema Word and He used that Word as a weapon to stand against the devil. Jesus can show you how to use the written Word. Plant the Word in your mind. Keep it there and it will be there to meet any test the devil may throw your way.

We are the children of the kingdom and we have authority to withstand the devil. Mark 16:17-18… “And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover” (KJV). Proverbs 18:10 reads, “The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.”

We are the children of the kingdom and we do face tribulation (pressures). And yes, we can find peace in times of pressure. John 16:33 reads, These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world” (KJV). Many people misunderstand the word “tribulation.” This word means “pressure, affliction, anguish, being burdened, persecution, troubles.” These are things we face as the children of the kingdom. Whenever a believer is weak, he or she can find divine strength. Isaiah 40:28-31 reads, “Hast thou not known? hast thou not heard, that the everlasting God, the LORD, the Creator of the ends of the earth, fainteth not, neither is weary? there is no searching of his understanding. He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength. Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall: But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”

Paul teaches that tribulation cannot separate us from the love of God (Romans 8:35-39). 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 teaches, “Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort; Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God” (KJV). Tribulation also prepares us to receive the crown of life. Revelation 2:10… “Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer: behold, the devil shall cast some of you into prison, that ye may be tried; and ye shall have tribulation ten days: be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.” The ten days that we read about in these verses may refer to the ten edicts or laws that the Roman leaders enacted against the children of the kingdom. The early believers had pressures. We may see some of these pressures return in our days. Some folks equate the word “tribulation” with the seven years of Jacob’s (Israel, the people of God) trouble at the end of this age. A friend of mine was dwelling on this, and the Lord spoke to him and said, “Don’t dwell on Jacob’s troubles. Dwell on Jacob’s blessings” (See Genesis 27:28-29; Psalm 47:4, 78:5, 146:5, Isaiah 2:3, 41:8). Don’t see pressures. See the blessings that are ours (Ephesians 1:3).

We are the children of the kingdom. Don’t let the devil choke out the word that God gave you.

Pastor George Belobaba

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