Let Your Past Be At Peace

“Let your past be at peace”… So said a prophecy a few years ago over a young man called to the ministry. This young man found it difficult to forget his sorrow and the mistakes that had landed him temporarily in prison. He felt that he could never succeed in ministry because his past was hovering over him. He was using his past as a hindrance to his future, rather than a step towards growth.

Jeremiah 18:1-4 tells of a visit to the potter’s house. What Jeremiah saw was not a good picture. The vessel just newly made was marred, ruined, wasted. A lot of young folks see themselves as ruined and wasted because of sin. They feel as if they have failed their parents, their church, and their God. So they live a life filled with regrets. But God is willing to restore wasted lives. God is not baffled by what he sees (marred vessels). The potter did not give up on the clay. He did not throw the marred vessel into the garbage heap; “He made it again another vessel” (v. 4, KJV). The implication is that the restored vessel was better than the marred one, and of more value. The new vessel was made out of a failure.

God said to Jeremiah that His nation (Israel) was as the clay in the potter’s (God’s) hand (vv. 5-10). Many people with marred lives are in God’s hand. God can take wasted lives and make them into things of beauty. Many young people are so wrapped up in a past failure that they find it hard to visualize a second chance. The Bible is full of people who had a second chance at success (see Jacob, Moses, David, Jonah, Peter, Thomas, Mark, and Paul for starters). Do not let a bad past terrorize you. The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ never stops working. The potter’s clay had no feeling, but humans have feelings. Have you made a mistake? Let God reshape you. Verse 17 says, “God can do it in an instant.” Note also verse 10–obey God’s voice. It’s your call… Place yourself in God’s hands and let your past be at peace. Let God remake you into a thing of beauty.

Pastor George Belobaba

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