The Ministry Of Encouragement

Deuteronomy 3:28… “But charge Joshua, and encourage him, and strengthen him: for he shall go over before this people, and he shall cause them to inherit the land which thou shalt see” (KJV).

The ministry of encouragement is one of the most powerful ministries in the kingdom of God. It is right at the top of the list. The word “encourage” refers to fortifying a person’s faith, healing what ails a person, repairing the human spirit, changing the negative into the positive, establishing a person on solid footing, helping a person recover from a setback, changes behavior, and much more. If you are looking for a ministry, grab ahold of encouragement. We are living in a negative world, and it is fashionable to see the dark side of every situation. It is not a sign of weakness to say something good to other people. You can’t accomplish more by fault-finding and criticism and nitpicking.

I am not writing this short exhortation to tell you what’s wrong, but to pick you up. Often, very young ministries will choose a negative message to tell God’s people what’s wrong with them. Picking out flaws is not an excellent ministry; the opposite is true. A good ministry is the one that picks us up when we are on the ground. Each gathering should be a time to exhort through teaching, good preaching, and the prophetic exhortation. Your exhortation can be a visitation of God for the other individual. What can we expect from an encouraging word? In Acts 10:24-33 Cornelius gathered his household to hear a word from Peter, and what happened? The Holy Spirit fell upon the Gentiles (vv. 34-48). In Romans 10:14-17, God sends preachers with a message. God brings deliverance. In Acts 14:9, a crippled man heard Paul speak, faith built up in his heart, and he was healed. In Acts 16:14, a women by the name of Lydia (a business lady and a worshipper) heard Paul speak. God opened her heart, and Thyatira had a revival. Paul lays it on the line in 1 Timothy 1:5“The ultimate aim of the Christian minister is to produce the love which springs from a pure heart, a good conscience and a genuine faith” (Phillips). Paul writes in Hebrews 10:25 that when you gather together, or assemble together, you should “[exhort] one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching” (KJV). Paul didn’t say what the approaching day was. It could be the second coming, or it also could be a day of persecution. It could be a financial collapse, the hurricane season, or an approaching tornado. It could be war. He didn’t say that the assembling together was a church meeting; it could be a home or wherever. Be an encourager…

Pastor George Belobaba

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