When Weeds Grow

When weeds grow, the garden suffers. For a good spiritual garden, weeds must be pulled out. Weeds steal the nutrients that help the good plants grow. Weeding is hard work but it is necessary work. There are many different kinds of weeds that destroy the lives of people. Your heart is your garden; the Bible so teaches (Matthew 13). I have listed a few weeds to take care of.

Rebellion… is like crabgrass. It starts out unnoticed but soon grows uncontrollably. Rebellion is lack of submission to God’s authority.

Peer pressure… It’s like nettles. Going with the wrong crowd looks attractive, but it can cause a burning itch that’s hard to relieve. Right crowds serve as a hedge of protection against wrong influences.

Bad thoughts… They are like dandelions. They look benign, but blow them around and they sprout more trouble, not just for you but for your neighbor as well. Bad thoughts, like dandelions, are hard to get rid of.

Fast, good-time living…  It’s like clover that thrives among the grass. It doesn’t like too much light because the roots are shallow and delicate. Pleasure, like clover, can be beneficial (bees use clover to make honey). Every life needs some honey. But if your life is lived for pleasure only, it is off-balance.

Past mistakes… They are like kudzu, a fast-climbing vine that has lots of leaves and covers big areas. It blocks out the light and prevents other plants from growing. Dwelling on past mistakes prevents growth.

Low self-esteem… It’s like milkweed. It grows everywhere, even in unexpected places. It seems inoffensive but it poses real dangers. Milkweed sours the cow’s milk; in like manner, low esteem can sour your life.

Drugs and alcohol… They are like poison ivy. Contact at first seems harmless and even attractive, but their abuse affects the whole body. Poison ivy can leave permanent scars on your body through infection… so can drugs and alcohol.

Weeds… Pull them early. Keep your garden (life) free of things that can kill it. You have one body only and you have to live in it the rest of your life. Proverbs 24:30-34 tells the story of a man who didn’t pull the weeds. He loved to sleep and procrastinate, and poverty came into his life. He was named “slothful.”

Pastor George Belobaba

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