Moments Of Truth: Sound Answers

Hosea 9:7… “Israel clamors [that] a prophet is a crazy fool . . . [that] a man inspired is a man insane” (Moffatt). In other words, bring the truth. Speak the truth, and you can be sure that someone will clamor. The word “clamor” means “to make a noise, to create a commotion, to do some shouting, to protest.” People keep saying, “We need better leadership,” but that isn’t what they really mean. What they are looking for is someone who will give them words that are agreeable to them. A true leader does not do this. Sometimes the truth has to be heavy, and sometimes a difficult path has to be laid out (perhaps calling the congregation to sacrifice). Sometimes a leader must call upon the highest qualities of the people. A true leader does not tell us what we want to hear, but what we ought to hear. A true leader will rebuke when he has to, and will show up errors to make people better and stronger and to direct them to have a better knowledge of the fear of the Lord.

A lot of folks want false leaders who will justify their ways, vindicate their selfishness, and make them comfortable in their prejudices. A lot of preachers have become “preacher comics.” When the lost, the sick, and the poor are hanging over a precipice, it’s hardly a laughing matter. A preacher must not be known as a funny man. When people face a severe problem, it’s not a comic that they need, but a man or woman who has heard from God and who has the answers that they need. Answers that sound good are not always sound answers. All of the Old Testament prophets and leaders, and Jesus Himself, often made others feel worse initially so that they could become new men and women, changed by the power of God. The leader that a lot of folk want is the kind that will show them how to be the same old men and women, who will leave them alone in their unrighteous lifestyles… and that leader’s ancient name is Lucifer.

Pastor George Belobaba

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