Longing To Hear From You

I yearn today to hear your voice
What message would you share?
God, be not silent unto me
Help me these trials to bear.
The waters seem so muddled
My resources so small.
For the present circumstances
I’m no match at all.
Hear me speedily, O Lord
My soul bids you draw nigh.
Come now as I reverent wait
With tear, with groan, with sigh.
When my heart is overwhelmed
I plead, Lord, hear my cry.
Lead me swiftly to the rock
The one, higher than I.
Be my shelter in this storm
And my fortress strong.
Give me a word to cling to
A joyous, hope-filled song.

Author: Jayne Houghton

Spin Cheerfully

Spin cheerfully… not tearfully
Though wearily you plod.
Spin carefully… spin prayerfully
But leave the thread with God.
The shuttles of His purpose move
To carry out His own design.
Seek not too soon to disapprove
His work, nor yet assign
Dark motives when with silent dread,
You view each somber fold.
For, lo! Within each darker thread
There twines a thread of gold.

Author: Anonymous (from the Canadian Home Journal)

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