Moments Of Truth–Visitation

Judges 17:6… “In those days there was no king in Israel, but every man did that which was right in his own eyes” (KJV). This verse came to me prior to two visions that I had some years ago. These were powerful dreams. “Doing your own thing” in the church and in the kingdom of God is a deadly virus. In the first vision, I was praying and asking God for His visitation upon us and upon our land. “And Lord, upon me too… I need a fresh visitation as well.” Instantly I was sitting in front of twelve men. I knew it was a heavenly tribunal of some sort. Awesome and fearful is the presence of God. They asked questions. One question was, “Why do you want a visitation from God? What is your purpose for this visitation? What is your motive?” In the dream, I wept as I interceded in prayer for churches and for the nation. The next day I pondered the question, “Why do I want a visitation from God?” It’s a good question for you as well. Why do you want a visitation from God?

The vision continued the next night. In this dream, I saw preachers coming together for a fellowship dinner. I recognized none of them. Some were passing out clothes like they were wearing and some were passing out food. The attitude seemed to be, “Unless you are covered by us and unless you eat the food we hand out, you can’t be one of us.” Then the Holy Spirit said to me, “There is a need for unity. My preachers come together in fellowship as if they are one, but everyone is doing their own thing and what is right in their own eyes. They act as if they are the only ones who have the right program. They act as if they are the only door for someone else’s opportunity. They are activists for what they want to do, but it is I who opens and closes doors. For lack of unity the Canaanite spirit rises in the land and oppresses the churches.” The Canaanite spirit is the spirit which deals with money and trafficking and peddling. The New Testament calls it merchandising the gospel (Acts 8:18-23). This is not the time or the season for a money emphasis. It’s the season of prayer and intercession for a visitation from God.

It is true that every preacher must do the work that God has asked him to do, and he must do as He said. Praise the Lord for all those who are doing His will. Some are not, and they wonder why God isn’t funding their vision or filling their churches. Many preachers forget that God set in the church a diversity of ministries and gifts (1 Corinthians 12, Romans 12, Ephesians 4:1-16). The Holy Spirit exhorted the church and told them that there was to be no division in the body, and that it’s by one Spirit that we are all baptized into one body. We are all part of one family, God’s family. It’s the Lord’s body and the Lord’s church. The center of unity is Jesus Christ. There is only one field, the world (Matthew 13:38). Visitations are serious business. Yes, fellowship is needed. Yes, we must recognize the anointing in all of God’s servants. Yes, there must be encouragement and exhortations. And yes, it’s God’s agenda that must be carried out. Every believer must say “no” to criticism and back-biting and sniping. If you see someone carrying out his commission, give the Lord a praise offering. If you see someone obeying Christ, rejoice.

The harvest is ripe. It’s upon us. Every believer must catch the vision of the harvest. It’s going to take an earthquake of unity with prayer and intercession to bring in the entire harvest. I remember that as a lad working in the harvest fields, I threw many sheaves into the old-fashioned threshing machines. There was unity; as some were bagging the wheat, others were bringing in the sheaves from the field, and others oiled the equipment. There was great joy. How much more the Lord’s harvest.

Pastor George Belobaba

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