Jehovah-Rapha: The Lord That Healeth Thee

Jehovah-Rapha I shall be,
I am the Lord that healeth thee.
Wounds in thy spirit, deep in pain,
Shalt thou see turned into thy gain.
I need Thee Lord, hear Thou my cry.
I need Thee Lord, in sweet reply.
I need Thy healing tenderness,
Fulfill in me Thy righteousness.
The more Thy love my heart retains
The more I see the binding chains
Of sin and darkness rooted deep
Awake my heart from deathly sleep.
The Light Thou sendest through my soul
Doth pierce and tear and take its toll
Until Thou answerest my plea…
“Lord, form Thy nature within me.”
O Life of Christ flow now indeed,
Fulfilling, Lord, my aching need.
Wounds once tender, by Thee healed,
Bring forth to Thee their fruitful yield.
“I AM the Lord that healeth Thee.”

Exodus 15:26

–Rod Skalitzky (1975)

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