Getting And Regretting

THE WASP… A story is told of a young lad of three years was always fretting and demanding things, and his nurse was doing everything in her power to satisfy him. The boy’s mother was taking her morning beauty nap and was startled by the yelling and screaming of the boy. “What’s the matter with the lad?” said the mother to the nurse. The nurse replied, “The lad screams because he can’t have his own way in regards to things that can hurt him.” The mother, not fully hearing the nurse, said, “Give him what he wants.” A couple of minutes later the lad screamed and yelled and again disturbed his mother. Now angry, the mother said, “I told you to give him what he wants.” The nurse replied, “I did as you ordered, ma’am, and that’s what’s the matter with him. You see, he screamed because he wanted the wasp that was flitting about on the window. He got it and then screamed because he got it and the sting that came with it.”

The moral of this story is… that people scream and grasp at things they insist on having, and when they get them, tears flow. Groans are heard because the very thing they grasped for and insisted on became trouble. They got their wasp and the sting that went with it. People see pretty things flying around… the wrong boyfriend, the wrong girlfriend, smoking, alcohol… and covet them, crave them, pursue them. They catch their wasp… and the sting that came with it. Whoever pushes on in life and insists on a course plainly visible as against the laws of God is bound for trouble. Like the child at the window, they get their desires… and with the wasp they get the sting that came with it.

Pastor George Belobaba

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