Hide The Talent?

Hide the talent?… Hide the talent?
Lord I wouldn’t, surely not!
Any self-respecting Christian
Would not let your treasure rot.
I’m not hiding Lord, just busy.
Things take up so much time;
But tomorrow will be different,
I’ll fit it in another time.
Year by year the same old story,
Days pass by, all meaning well;
But the talent’s getting buried.
Where it’s hidden I can’t tell.
Now I’m busy, but tomorrow,
I may check upon its state;
But for now I just can’t do it,
So it simply has to wait.
Then one day I tried to find it,
Sought through deep neglect;
It was there but what a pity,
‘Twas not fit for use, not yet.
Had I used and practiced daily,
Just a little as He led;
Then it would have grown and blossomed,
But it faded dull instead.
Busy mothers, hurried fathers,
Teens, grandmas, grandpas too;
Get your talent big or little,
Use it as He asked you too.

–Fern Willner

Pastor George Belobaba

Copyright © 2011 by Scripture Nuggets Ministries
All rights reserved