The Hardest Man To Win

A church was conducting a personal worker’s seminar. A question was asked, “Who do you know who is the hardest man to get to come to a church meeting?” A specific man was named… a man who drank too much, swore too much, and one who had no use for preachers or churches. This same man kept his lawn and yard perfect in appearance. The pastor assigned a man in the church to go and invite this man to the Sunday morning service.

When the church staff worker came to the man’s home, the man was in his garden making sure that not a single weed was growing. The worker plunged right in and invited the difficult case to the next Sunday morning meeting. The man said, “No, I have no use for church or preachers.” Then the worker started to talk about the lawn and the beauty of the man’s yard. He finally said, “You know, it would be wonderful if people took care of their heart and soul as well as you keep your garden.” The worker had touched upon the man’s dominant interest… the lawn and garden.  After the worker left, the hardened man came under conviction as he Holy Spirit began to do what is only His to do. And the hard case came to church the following Sunday and gave his life to the Lord.

Jesus set the pattern in John 4. He sat by the well when the woman came for water. Jesus started to talk to her of water. This was her dominant interest. The rest is history. The entire village came to hear Jesus. The people who seem to be the hardest to get into the church will come, when the workers find the dominant interest of the people who need Jesus as their Savior.

I learned this early in my ministry… I once talked to a backslidden preacher, who also was a crooked gambler. His wife attended the church and said her husband would never enter another church. She invited us to dinner, and there I began to talk about hurting people and the need for more preachers who loved God. This was secretly his dominant interest. The Holy Spirit led me to say what I said that day. The next Sunday, he went to his home church in another city and gave his life back to Jesus. I do not believe there are any hard cases. All the hard cases need is someone to take an interest in their dominant interest. Hard cases can be won.

Pastor George Belobaba

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