Surviving Word

Sometimes God has to shut you down for a short time… for your survival. Psalm 23:2 reads, “He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters” (KJV). The word “maketh” means “forcibly brings me into balance” or “makes a fold to cause me to rest.” King David knew that God’s “shutdowns” were essential for living successfully. A shutdown does not mean that your creativity or your work are no more. A shutdown can be God at work in your life. If you are in the will of God, what God has planned for you will happen. Since when does God want you always to be productive, i.e., doing something? What or Who is driving you? Even God stopped for a night. Let’s see His example for us from Genesis 1-2.

(1) God created in steps… He didn’t complete creation in one giant leap.

(2) He created by speaking… There was life in His words (not gimmicks, not copying anyone else, no jealousy of others).

(3) He was happy with His work… He praised His own work–it was good.

(4) He made a comma between His steps… He put a separation between His acts (morning and evening were the first day, second day, etc.).

(5) He created an environment for His animal and human creation. When Adam and Eve were created, God had no need to rush into meeting their needs. Everything was there, ready, peaceful, and without strife or confusion.

(6) He organized what was done… “after his kind” (Genesis 1:20-25, 2:24). He knew where everything was put. God never started another step until He finished the first step.

(7) He took time to rest (Genesis 2:1-2)… God included a stop in His schedule… so must we. God relaxed. He didn’t hurry. He knew the value of renewal and of refreshing. If you feel that God has shut you down, it’s for your survival.

Pastor George Belobaba

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