Tommy’s Prayer

“If I should die before I wake,” prayed little Tommy at his grandmother’s knee, “I pray the Lord…” At this point Tommy hesitated. “Wait a minute, Grandmother,” he said, and stood up and ran downstairs. In about five minutes he was back upstairs and proceeded with his prayer. After he was tucked into bed, the grandmother asked him why he ran downstairs. He replied, “Grandma, I started to think about what I was praying and I had to stop.” He went on to explain how he upset his brother’s toy soldiers and stood them on their heads just to see how his brother would act in the morning. “But if I should die before I wake… I didn’t want him to find them that way, so I ran down and fixed them right.” The grandmother commended Tommy and said, “A good many of our prayers would be more effective if more people would stop in the middle, and right what was wrong.” Tommy thought it would have been funny to pull a prank on his brother. But he didn’t want it to be that way if he were to die before he woke up.

There are many things which will hinder our prayers. Sin in the camp hindered the prayers of Joshua (Joshua 7:6-10). Iniquity or idols in the heart will hinder answers to prayer (Psalm 66:18). Disobedience to the Word of the Lord will hinder prayer (Proverbs 28:9). If our hearts condemn us, it will hinder our prayers because it destroys confidence (1 John 3:21-22). Unbelief will hinder prayer, for faith is a condition that is attached to prayer (Hebrews 11:6). Not depending upon the Holy Spirit will hinder effectual prayer (Romans 8:26, Jude 1:20).

Sometimes Christians put themselves in positions where God’s answers do not reach them until they have set things right.

Pastor George Belobaba

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