A Good Word About Discipline

Job 36:18… “And let not His chastening make you rage at Him; let not the cost of discipline deter you” (Moffatt).

Earlier in this chapter, the writer said that it’s by adversity that God gets people to listen (v. 15). The word “discipline” has been on my mind. In this exhortation I will be using the Moffatt translation. This is an older translation and I like the wording of many passages. Job 36:16 reads, “but your wide freedom has beguiled you.” The wide freedom that our nation enjoys has led many people astray. Isaiah 48:17… “I am the Eternal your God, training you for your good, leading you by the right way.” 1 Timothy 1:4b… “the Divine order which belongs to faith”… or “the discipline which accompanies faith.” 1 Timothy 1:5… “the aim of Christian discipline is the love that springs from a pure heart, from a good conscience and from sincere faith.” Proverbs 3:11… “My son, spurn not the Eternal’s schooling, never be weary of his discipline; his discipline is for the man he loves.” Psalm 94:12… “Happy is he who has thy discipline, and thine instruction, training him calmly to wait on, in adversity.”

The Christian life is a way of discipline. It is not merely a doctrine. Doctrine (teaching) gives direction and content to discipline. Christianity is not just something that you believe in; it is something you believe in enough to put it into practice. There is a divine order (discipline) to faith. Discipline starts at the center of your life and not at the margins. Psalm 106:3 reads, “Happy are they who hold to what is right, who do their duty at all times.” Every Christian from time to time needs to go over their life to see what is compatible with God and what is not. Discipline the beginnings of your projects. Don’t be too quick to grasp a project lest you find that project grasping you and taking hold of you. Discipline is the ability to carry a project through to completion. Many lives are strewn about with cast-off beginnings because they quit too soon. Discipline your time. If you haven’t time to do a thing don’t start it. Discipline your tongue. Many people ruin a good conversation because they run out of intelligence.

Pastor George Belobaba

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