Breaking Point, Pt. 3: The Four Things That Did It

(Part 3 of 5)


He Blamed God

In Job 2:10, Job said, “What? shall we receive good at the hand of God, and shall we not receive evil? In all this did not Job sin with his lips” (KJV). We look at this and we see the first stop to his breaking. HE PUT THE BLAME ON THE WRONG PERSON. God didn’t do it; the devil did it. You see, in the first trip God says not to touch his body, and in the second trip God says not to touch his life. This is the mistake people make today. They start to blame God instead of the devil. Job acted as if God were trying to destroy him. “You are out to destroy me, Lord. There is something wrong; you are causing hurt to come to me.” Read Job 16:11-14. The moment we start blaming God for something the devil did, we are on the road of defeat, to be beaten, to be down. If it weren’t for God, the devil would have killed him. If it were not for the Lord Jesus Christ today, we’d be dead too.


The second thing on the road to defeat is found in Job 2:8, “And he took him a potsherd to scrape himself withal; and he sat down among the ashes” (KJV). Ashes speak of “burnt-out hopes”; they speak of despair. JOB BEGAN TO PITY HIMSELF. Notice that in chapter 1, Job worshipped, but in chapter 2, self-pity came in.

There are certain verses that show Job’s self-pity. In chapter 6:10, Job began to harden himself in sorrow. In days of our little trials, perhaps a little family feud, or perhaps the money is not going as far as we thought it would, very often we begin to harden ourselves in sorrow, and self-pity begins to grip us. In chapter 6:11 Job is saying, “Why should I prolong my life?” That is the suicidal spirit coming in. In chapter 13:15, self-pity brought a terrible amount of stubbornness. Christians will quote this verse and stand up in a testimony meeting saying, “Though he slay me, yet will I trust him.” Let us be honest and finish the verse. The rest of the verse says, “but I will maintain mine own ways before him” (KJV). You see, Job was filled with self-pity. He knew that if he held on to God he would have eternal life, but he said, “Though he slay me, or kill me, I’ll trust him, but I’m going to maintain my own ways.” This is stubbornness that comes from self-pity. “I’ll trust God but I will do my own thing.”

In chapter 15:11-13, Eliphaz sees that self-pity allowed Job’s spirit to control him and he turned his spirit against God. Eliphaz said to Job, “Are the consolations of God small with thee? . . . That thou turnest away thy spirit against God, and lettest such words go out of thy mouth?” (KJV). Putting it in our language, this says, “Does the Scripture play a small part inside of you? Why is it that you are full of self-pity, that you harden your heart against God? Why is it that even the Bible doesn’t mean anything to you?” You know, dear Christian, that when you’re full of self-pity you do not read the Bible. If you’re full of self-pity you begin to blame God. If you’re full of self-pity, Scripture doesn’t help you until your spirit is right. You see, the spirit of a man will minister to his infirmity, but self-pity will kill it.

His Wife

The third thing that caused Job to break is in Job 2:9, “Then said his wife unto him, dost thou still retain thine integrity? curse God and die” (KJV). JOB’S WIFE QUIT ON HIM. I believe once we’re in the kingdom of God the anointing is for both. Here Job’s wife let him down. When he needed her the most she quit on him. Hear me well… the bond between man and wife should be the strongest bond in this world. In the spiritual realm our bond is with Jesus Christ and it is a bond that can never be broken, but in the natural, the bond between man and wife should be the strongest bond in the world. God says that they become one flesh (Genesis 2:24). Satan tries to divide.

Turn to Malachi 2:14-16 in your devotions sometime and you will find that God judges husbands and wives if they deal treacherously one with the other. The Lord said that the treacherous dealing between husband and wife makes their seed unholy. You will find that a lot of troubles come because one partner or the other starts to deal treacherously against the other. Job’s wife should have given him strength, but instead she quit him. When he needed her the most, she let him down. Brethren, there were times your wife needed you, but you let her down. And there were times the man needed the strength and it was the wife that let him down.

In Proverbs 11:29, it says this… “He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind” (KJV). The words “inherit the wind” means that there will be an exhalation of breath, and it is a satanic thing that comes upon them. I remember once when my wife and I were sitting in our car ready to board a ferry. We had just ministered to an elderly Christian couple (I’ve known them for years) in their home. The wife had been a Christian worker. All of a sudden her husband started to have blackouts, and in these periods of blackouts he didn’t know what he was doing. He would beat her up and when he came to his senses he didn’t know he did it. I said, “Lord, it’s time you told me why.” The Lord gave me this Scripture, Proverbs 11:29. Somewhere down the line there had been treacherous dealings, one partner against another. In this case, the lady was the preacher, and the man always prayed with her when somebody was sick. He was a church usher and elder, but deep in his heart he resented a woman’s ministry. Deep in his heart he resented his wife’s being a preacher. Although outwardly he let her preach, inwardly he was bitter. He inherited that tempestuous blast by the devil. He had blackouts in his old age because he dealt treacherously with his wife.

I know another case where the wife came into the wonderful baptism of the Holy Spirit, and she began to move in the realm of the Spirit. When she wrote her husband (a fisherman) a letter that something wonderful had happened to her, telling how God had filled her with the Holy Spirit, he got on his knees and repented and said, “My wife doesn’t lie.” After he came home, she sent him to sleep in the basement room because she felt now that she was filled with the Holy Spirit, there was no more need of sexual relations, and the blast hit her because she dealt treacherously with him. The Spirit of God showed this to me, and confirmed it by many other Scriptures. Men and women, I say this with all sincerity… that man and woman need each other to stand with them. Job’s wife quit on him. That’s hard to take.

To be continued…

Pastor George Belobaba

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