Restoring The “Glow”

John 10:10… “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly” (KJV).

The Lord purposes to give you life in all its fullness. Everyone should be able to live abundantly. The business of life is to live well. It seems that in our society today everybody knows everything about life, except how to live it. I believe that we are seeing in our society the results of losing God, and if we lose God out of our life, we have lost the meaning of life. We cannot afford to let God “fade out” of our lives. If God goes, everything goes with Him. Our text teaches that Jesus came to give us abundant life. When God “fades out,” abundant life fades out. A good question is, have you let Jesus “fade out” of your life? Have you lost the “glow”? Well then, it’s time to get it back. I have listed a few ways to get the “glow” back.

1) Take a good look at yourself. What is at work in your life? Is it sin? What has caused Jesus to be “faded out”? Are you hitched to something that is going nowhere?

2) Take a U-turn. Reverse your course. The word could very well be “repent.” Start with confessing your own sin and not someone else’s sin. Don’t put the blame on someone else for your lack of abundant life. It’s not wrong to say, “Lord, forgive me.”

3) Check your relationships. Jesus’ first word to men was “Follow me” (Mark 1:17, John 1:39,43). When you follow Jesus, He will lead you to life, life to the full and life that is alive and growing.

4) Are you like the prodigal? Then return to the Father. The Father will see your return and come running to meet you and embrace you.

5) Renounce the old ways that caused Jesus to “fade out.” Learn to say “no” to lifestyles that can hurt you and rob you of abundant life.

6) Seek out those for whom you need to ask for forgiveness and extend forgiveness to. Holding resentments “fades out” Jesus. Many people hold onto old quarrels all their life. It ought not to be.

7) Receive the love of God into your life. Receiving is an act of faith. God is a giving God, full of mercy. You cannot be independent; you cannot stand aloof and alone. Let God help you.

8) Refill your life. Proverbs 8:21 says, “Those who love me inherit wealth. I will fill their treasuries” (NLT). God refilled Job’s life with family and friends and money. Get ahold of those Bible truths you once cherished.

9) Release all your old inhibitions, your fears, your guilt, and your self-condemnation. These things do not fit in with abundant living. Release your faith, your anointing, your joy, and your confession. Release your talents to the Lord. The goodness that the Lord gives you is good. Share it with others, and you will soon have a singing heart, a joyful heart, and abundant life.

Pastor George Belobaba

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