The Owner’s Stamp

Galatians 6:17… “For I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus” (KJV). Moffatt’s translation reads, “The owner’s stamp of Jesus.” What a great phrase. The marks which Paul talks about were the marks of the Owner, Jesus. The likeness of Christ was borne by Paul in his body, soul, and spirit. The owner’s stamp is simply the outer sign of something that is stamped within you. A good prayer to say would be, “Jesus, put your stamp in every cell of my body. Stamp your likeness (image) in me, O Lord.” Let’s look at some of the “brand marks of Jesus” (character traits)…

1) The forgiveness of injuries… One of the greatest prayers Jesus said was, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do” (Luke 23:34, KJV). Are you wearing this stamp? This mark goes deep… very deep. It means that when Christ’s likeness (brand mark) is on you, you will never again retaliate or hold resentments. It means that hatreds will never trouble you again.

2) No more self-pity… Jesus said to some women on the way to His cross, “Weep not for me” (Luke 23:28). There was no self-pity in Christ’s brand. A lot of folks have the tendency to feel sorry for themselves when something serious happens to them. The Owner’s mark reads, “No self-pity.”

3) Maintaining joy in spite of things that happen… If you follow Jesus, you will experience deliverance from fear. You will be happy when you have troubles to face. What a great “brand mark” to have stamped in you. Joy, in spite of what has happened. Gloom and doom are not longer part of your life. Why? Because you bear the Owner’s stamp of joy.

4) Courage… Not the desperate courage of the battlefield, but the quiet courage that grows daily, the courage of facing life, the courage of saying “no” when tempted to do evil, the courage that speaks the truth even though it may alienate you from friends. “Lord, stamp Your kind of courage in me.”

5) The power to take it… When things happened to Jesus, He could take it. Life has many challenges. Troubles will come, but can you take it. Some can’t handle troubles, so they turn to anger, hate, resentment, painkillers, or whining.

6) Of compassion and mercy… Jesus was sensitive to everyone’s needs, hurts, hunger, and desires. Christians should be people who care. This likeness of the Owner must be branded on every Christian.

7) Jesus gave Himself… This was His crowning mark. He cared enough to give, not only of Himself, but Himself. Christians will give money, goods, time, talents, words… but very few give themselves. The Owner’s stamp included, “I give myself too.”

The Owner’s stamp? Paul said, “I bear the Owner’s stamp in my body.”

Are you stamped with His brand?

Pastor George Belobaba

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