Churchless Believers

If all that you have is Jesus, and you are alone, would that be enough for you? I was thinking of the song, “One sat alone beside the highway begging . . . then Jesus came and bade the darkness flee” (“One Sat Alone Beside the Highway Begging,” see also Mark 10:46-52). The next great revivalist may not be found behind a pulpit. He or she may be found at home, sitting at the feet of Jesus and worshipping.

The apostle John was taken to an island prison when he was about ninety years old. Here he sat, isolated from other believers, rejected, shut out, and banished. Revelation 1:10 reads, “I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day, and heard behind me a great voice, as of a trumpet” (KJV). The NLT reads, “It was the Lord’s Day, and I was worshiping in the Spirit.” The NIV reads, “On the Lord’s Day I was in the Spirit, and I heard behind me a loud voice like a trumpet.” John was in the Spirit and the heavens opened for him. One lonely believer… and his decision that day has impacted the world for over two thousand years. He heard a voice, and he received a message and a commission. A good question for the churchless believer is, “What are you doing on Sunday morning?” Are you finding fault with unanointed churches? Or are you in your Bible? Are you praying? Are you singing worship songs? It’s the Lord’s Day. You too, churchless believer, can make an impact upon the world. The Lord wouldn’t let the devil destroy John during the time he was churchless. Neither will the Lord allow the devil to destroy you.

Many people sit at home on the Lord’s Day. Some do worship and sit at Jesus’ feet; others are wrapped around the things they see on TV. As you sit at His feet, the Lord wants to open the heavens for you. He wants to give you a message of encouragement. We are living in perilous times, and fear and panic are everywhere. Will you sit at His feet and worship? God wants to open His heavens to you.

Pastor George Belobaba

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