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Pastor George Belobaba

Pastor George Belobaba

Thank you for your interest in and visit to Scripture Nuggets.

This blog is dedicated to republishing the monthly newsletters and additional writings of Pastor George Belobaba, who wrote Scripture Nuggets for over 25 years.

Pastor George Belobaba was an active minister of the gospel from June 2, 1950 until his passing on September 25, 2012. Pastor Belobaba was a graduate of L.I.F.E. Bible College of Vancouver B.C. and a veteran of W.W. II, having served in the Canadian 1st Division in Italy and in Holland. In January 1947, a little over a year after discharge from the army, the Lord showed George an open Bible and told him his ministry was to be that of a pastor-teacher. The Lord quoted from Isaiah 30:21 saying: “And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee saying, ‘This is the way walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand and when ye turn to the left.'”

Pastor Belobaba was in full-time ministry for over sixty years and was married to his wife, Zena, for 65 years. They had one son and five daughters.

In 1985, the Lord spoke and said to him: “I want you to start writing. My people are hurting and they tell no one, not their pastor, not their spouse, but I know their hurts, and will heal them.”  A writing ministry was started called “Scripture Nuggets For Kingdom Living.” Scripture Nuggets became a monthly, four-page newsletter that went into many nations around the globe.

There was never a charge for this newsletter and was solely supported by a free-will offering from its readers. The print version of Scripture Nuggets sent out its last mailing just prior to the beginning of this blog. This web-based version of Scripture Nuggets includes the vast material contained in those newsletters along with Pastor Belobaba’s verse-by-verse commentaries on the following: Song of Solomon, Psalm 119, Amos, Joshua, Ezra, Nehemiah, Hebrews, Ephesians, and his work, “The Kingdom of God.”

All material used here is with express permission of Pastor George Belobaba and Scripture Nuggets Ministries.


Susan E. Johnson

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9 thoughts on “About Pastor George Belobaba

  1. I have cared for Pastor Belobaba and his wife Zena, for 2 years. He has taught me so much, what a blessing to know this couple. They are fine people, that want to do the will of God and to serve him. I am delighted to see the Nuggets on the web, it will reach a lot more people, long after they both are called to Heaven. Thank-you.

  2. I was in Pastor B’s church when I was about 26. I’m almost 65 now, and am proud of the principles that I learned from him during my time under his influence. He is truly dedicated to the Word of God and has been incredibly faithful to his calling over all these years.
    Thank you, Pastor B! I’m thankful that your Nuggets are finally online.

  3. My wife Mildred and I have known Pastor Belobaba and his wife Zena for at least 15 years and have ministered with him in Canada and in the state of Washington. I am glad to hear that the nuggets are expanding into the WEB. I value your friendship and your word my friend. I hope in a few weeks or a month to have a Web site up and running. Blessings unto you and Zena in the endeavor in the name of the Lord Jesus.

    Harold & Mildred

  4. I have known Pastor and Mrs. B all my life (that’s a little comedy there) as they are my parents. Always growing up in the church and in home, there was never a time that I didn’t see my dad reading the Word and talking about the Word to others. There were times I would awake during the night and hear both mom and dad praying on their knees at the living room couch, praying for direction, praying for others. As they are now in the later years of their lives, it is a blessing to see the fruits of their labor go around the world – preaching the gospel to every nation.

  5. Dear Pastor Belobaba:

    We have enjoyed your ministry since 1990 when we moved to Tacoma to start a church and you were the only person we knew. Now we are in Kansas City and have continued to be blessed by you words of wisdom. I hope that someday someone will put all your writings in an index format. They are very timely and pastoral.

    Thank you for your faithful lives and ministry. You are not finished yet, but when you have run the race the Lord will say, ‘YOU AND YOUR WIFE HAVE FINISHED WELL!!”

    God bless you and standing with you in Christ,

    Mike and Cathie Davidson

  6. The website speaks to the needs of today’s computer culture. It brings a short exhortation that readers can easily access as they are reading email at the start or finish of their day. Often you will find it is just the word of encouragement or strength that you need that day. Studying and preaching the WORD has been the very air that my dad breathes. Together my parents were a team, my dad preaching and my mom the ever engaged prayer warrior. The seeds that they have planted are growing all over the world. The seeds of this blog will grow in you as well. Sign up to subscribe to the daily message and it will be in your email box every morning.

  7. Jesus said… John 12:26 “If any man serve me, Him will my Father honor.” I want to say a special thank you to Charles and Susan Johnson for lifting Scripture Nuggets to a higher level of ministry… The Lord will reward you for this great labor of love. Last night we had a thunder and lightning show… A thought came into my spirit saying… It’s the Lord giving a big “amen” to what you are dong. The Lord bless you and keep you as you continue to serve Him. Pastor Belobaba

  8. Thank you, Pastor B, so very much first for the Scripture Keys for Kingdom Living book, then the news letters, that really inspired my life in the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ. I have been overwhelmed for years by your ministry. Even talked to you on the phone once. Praise God for you. I have tried to introduce people to you and your ministry, but real truth of God’s Word really turns people off, (even a pastor I once had). I was really shocked that he stopped the newsletters from coming to him. However, again Praise the Lord for you and the ministry that God put into your hands. You are really doing great with it, so to God be the glory, is what I think you would say. There are not enough words, to help me say “thanks” to you and for the Lord to continually bless you and your family. I will stop now, because the love of the Lord flows really in my heart, so again I say “To God be the Glory” for you. You and your newsletters have been a part of my life for a long time. I began to miss the newsletters, I looked on the www to see what was going on. I will continue on to seek your ministry. You have a word from the mouth of God that we all really need to hear, and I want it. THANKS AND MY PRAYERS FOR YOU IS GOD’S BLESSING AND HE CONTINUE TO MAKE HIS FACE TO SHINE UPON YOU. AMEN.

  9. I am proud and pleased to see that Scripture Nuggets is now reaching a far greater readership than ever, through the work and dedication of Charles and Susan Johnson. I am proud because George Belobaba is my brother, three years my senior, proud that he has stayed faithful and true to his calling in the Ministry all these many years, and pleased that his words of wisdom and encouragement are still being published, and blessing many believers throught the world,

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